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@Michael5SOS: "Oh my god Boston.. thank you for holding up the hearts. That was incredible.."

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Excerpt from the diary of Isaac Lahey


Dear Diary,

Today me and Scott made plans to get Mexican food and then he let me ride on the back of his scooter. Every time he went round a corner I got to squeeze him super tight. Diary, how do you know you’re in love?

He said he’ll sit next to me on the bus tomorrow *dreamy sigh*

Also I think Derek’s dead.

Goodnight, Diary.

                                          Mr Isaac McCall

             Isaac McCall-Lahey <3

                                                              Mr Lahey-McCall

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TEEN WOLF 3.06: Motel California - Extended Promo

Jesus Christ take the wheel

Title: Anchor
Artist: Satellites & Sirens
Played: 159 times
and the current here is stronger now
than i remember
and i’m crying for you to help
please save me

when i feel like i am drifting away
sinking down the sands are shifting today
i’m about to lose my way
you anchor anchor me down

looking out the skies are turning to grey
all around the tide is pulling away
i’m just about to lose my way
you anchor anchor me down


a fanmix for the all brilliant ladies of teen wolf [listen]

Maneater - Blue Eyed Blondes // Remain Nameless - Florence + The Machine // Woman King - Iron & Wine // Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile // God From The Machine - Santigold // This Is What Makes Us Girls - Lana Del Rey // Female Robbery - The Neighbourhood // Master Hunter - Laura Marling // Queens Will Play - Black Mountain // Cannibal - Ke$ha // Warrior - Kimbra // Glory Box - Portishead

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